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New Year - New You?

Ah, all those social media posts we got to see and "like" our way through as 2019 came to an end just under a week ago: "New year, new me", "What a year this has been...", you get the idea. Although it might be cliché, the year's end just marks a good time to take stock of our lives and to, quite literally, turn a new page.

So let's have a look at 3 of the typical new year's resolutions and why they may be so tough to stick to:

1) Fitness

Whether it's about losing weight, getting "in shape" (whatever that means) or suddenly becoming an over-achieving marathon runner, fitness is probably the #1 goal that people try to achieve in the new year. But why are gyms jam-packed in January and deserted as soon as February rolls around? According to Business Insider, it's all about how much FUN any goal is, i.e. if people don't get "enjoyment" out of it or can't see immediate results, they are less likely to stick to it. And let's be honest, we can all think of more fun things to do than going for a jog on a -2°C January morning.

2) Saving money

"Last Christmas, I gave you" ... all my money! It's no secret that budgets go flying out the window during the holiday season: gifts, travels, Christmas dinners with more wine than usual, the list goes on. It also doesn't help that in many industries, things take their time to get going again once the new year starts - I for one am feeling that in my freelance translation business right now as well! While it's always a good idea to be financially cautious regardless and save on a regular basis, it's not such a good idea to panic about temporary money dips and giving ourselves a hard time. Let's instead use this time to focus on doing the best we can at work and let things fall back into place. After all, we have that bikini body to work on soon which can be totally free...

3) I want to [blank] more

"Read", "learn", "meditate" - there's a multitude of verbs to fill in here. I actually like this type of new year's resolution because unlike the previous 2, it can be more specific and individual to a person. For instance, I have been giving myself a hard time for not reading enough for years now. As a child and teenager, I read tons of books, often even 3 or 4 simultaneously. During uni, I found that because I had regular curricular reading to complete, I lost the enjoyment of doing more of it during my "off" time. However, even when I started working full-time, my love of reading never returned. It wasn't until just a few days ago when I was talking with my boyfriend that I realised what the reason might be: I read for a living! Literally, one of my day to day tasks is to proofread texts in both English and German. As a result, when I open a book and come across a sentence with a missing comma (the most common error I find whilst working), I feel the urge to add in "," and make it right. This sounds ridiculous, I realise that. Nevertheless, I can now better understand why I don't like to read books that much anymore and have instead thought about audio books as an efficient and fun alternative. I suppose that would make one of my 2020 resolutions "I want to LISTEN more" :)

Having new year's resolutions is awesome but it's even better to make them suit YOU and what you actually want or need to improve. I hope this inspired you ever so slightly. Wishing you a wonderful 2020 with great, new, and individual habits that will make you happy!

Smiles all around,



The book I'm reading in the photo: "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie

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