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Copy-editing project:
Manchester handbag atelier tells its brand story

Client: Style in Manchester (SIM)

Language: English (UK)

Content: Fashion blog post

Style in Manchester (SIM) is a Manchester-based e-commerce handbag atelier. Its primary customers are city girls and women with a passion for fashion. The brand believes that classic is key, which is why it supports conscious consumption.


Business owner Anastasiia had the vision and stylish product ready to woo the world – but her intro piece needed some copy-editing to truly stand out to a UK readership.


With a combination of keyword research, a pre-existing familiarity with the SIM brand and a mind for words, I edited SIM’s article for the Manchester online magazine MFM.


The final article reads naturally and has the power to inform and persuade fashion-forward readers interested in handbags that are stylish and sustainable.

You can check out the SIM fashion blog post on the Manchester Fashion Movement's website here.

210425 Salford Quays Markets (13).jpg

Any organisation that hires Belinda gets a wealth of professional copywriting skill, but also her special ability to empathise with brand interests. Belinda helped me turn my media interview into a well-worded content piece to build awareness for my fashion project. She proved to be highly creative, intelligent and disciplined.


Anastasiia Komarnytska

Founder of handbag atelier Style in Manchester

Cozy Living Room

How re-translating product descriptions

resulted in a 30% sales increase

Client: Limitless Digital Group Ltd.

Language: English (UK) to German

Content: Product descriptions

Limitless Digital Group are a multi-brand e-commerce retailer selling bathroom, heating and lighting products primarily targeting the B2C market segment. Their headquarters are in Burnley, England, and they distribute their products across the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. The Limitless Digital brand is sophisticated and aesthetically oriented. Their key demographics are first-time home buyers and interior design enthusiasts.


Limitless Digital were experiencing a dip in sales: some products within their heating range weren’t performing well in Germany. That meant re-translating old German product descriptions that hadn’t been updated in years. A simple touch-up wouldn’t have sufficed as the brand’s new tone of voice also needed to be taken into consideration.


The challenge was handling high volumes of content in a relatively short time frame. I re-wrote the product descriptions and worked closely with a company-internal proofreader to ensure both linguistic quality and technical accuracy. Together we met tight deadlines and achieved consistency across this product group.


This translation project was part of a 9-month contract with Limitless Digital Group. Following several weeks of hard work to re-create these product descriptions, the merchandising department reported an increase in sales of 30% for this particular product group. Also, the tone of voice and style better matched the rest of the website as a result.

Belinda reviewed and improved existing listings that have resulted in a 30% sales increase for this product group. Key to us is her ability to understand technical products quickly with minimal instruction and produce high-quality content with a local flavour rather than a pure literal translation from English. She hit all deadlines and her friendly and helpful nature blended seamlessly with the existing team.


Richard Selby

Commercial General Manager, Limitless Digital Group

Computer Screen Closeup

Polishing and transcreating an English website

to target a German audience

Client: Andrea Murphy Translation

Language: English (UK) to German

Content: Website copy

Andrea Murphy is an industry colleague who specialises in marketing translations and related language services from German to British English. She’s based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and primarily serves German clients in media and sustainability tech. Her website content style is professional and informative.


Andrea’s website hadn’t been updated in a few years and was due for a refresh. That meant editing her English website copy and adding missing information such as a Samples page or FAQ section. The website would then need to be transcreated into German to reach her audience in German-speaking countries as well.


An initial video chat made it clear what Andrea wanted from her new website version. We broke the overall project into 4 phases: editing the English copy, adding relevant information, transcreating into German and publishing the new website version. The challenge was grouping the content in a way that made sense for the visitor and then creating German website copy that felt just as natural as the original.


This project is still ongoing. The first few weeks were dedicated to updating the English website. Some website pages have already been translated into German. Open communication and regular updates during and after each project phase are crucial to ensure high-quality results that Andrea is happy with.

I'm really enjoying working with Belinda, she's been a blessing at a time when I badly needed a reliable and professional translator and copywriter for my website! Belinda is highly professional, organised and fun to work with! She has been patient, flexible and transparent throughout the whole process. Belinda is also truly bilingual and writes naturally in both English and German. My website is really shaping up to be something genuinely special. I can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you so much, Belinda!


Andrea Murphy

Adult Education Course

How PERI staff worldwide benefitted from German headquarters'

e-learning initiative to simplify daily office tasks

Client: PERI GmbH

Language: German to English (US)

Content: E-learning documents

PERI GmbH are a manufacturer and supplier of form work and scaffolding systems based in Weißenhorn, Germany, with locations all over the world. Their IT department in Weißenhorn alone consists of over 100 employees.


A dedicated e-learning executive at PERI’s IT department was in charge of creating company-wide tutorials. These e-learning materials then needed to be translated into English, so other PERI locations around the world could benefit from them. Doing so would allow all employees to access the same portals and programmes, helping them in their daily work with MS Office and the PERI intranet.


The e-learning executive created tutorials in German. I translated them into English, but the visuals used in these tutorials needed to be in English as well. I quickly learned how to use technical in-house software and created the same images and demo videos to incorporate into the English e-learning documents.


At the end of this long-term project, we had built a comprehensive library of e-learning materials illustrating how to use MS Office and several intranet applications. PERI staff across 60 countries now had access and were able to learn how to speed up and facilitate their daily office tasks.

Belinda is an exceedingly self-reliant and dependable translator. She carries out any task very efficiently, quickly and in optimal quality. What's particularly noteworthy is that she also handles technical translations very well.


Maria-Luise Walser

IT Executive at PERI GmbH Weißenhorn, Germany

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