Belinda Grace Fischer

MA in Intercultural Business Communication

Language Combination: German ↔ English (UK & US)

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I grew up bilingually with German and English in Bavaria, Germany. In school, I always loved languages and economics.

In 2011, I graduated with the German Abitur (European Baccalaureate).

After that, I went on to pursue a language and business diploma course to become a multilingual management assistant.

I learned an array of translation and corporate communication skills alongside business and IT-related subjects.

Work Experience

Throughout my studies and summer breaks, I gained my first translation experience translating IT-related materials from German into English for a large German construction supplier company. In 2013/14, I spent six months interning at their Singapore office, which was a culturally enriching experience. After returning from working abroad, I took a job as an executive assistant at an American company in Germany. A core responsibility there was to regularly translate a wide range of corporate content between English and German.

Master's Degree Study

In 2015, I moved to the UK to complete my studies with a master's degree in "Intercultural Business Communication" at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. This was an eye-opening time: I realised that my future career had to be a beautiful blend of language, culture, and business. My first job after graduating from university in 2017 was as a marketing executive at an e-commerce company in North-West England. In this role, I was in charge of looking after the German market, which also included translating consumer-facing content from English into German.


Belinda Grace Translating

Today I run my own translation business which I founded in Manchester in early 2019.

In my day-to-day work, I serve translation agencies as well as business clients by translating and editing mostly marketing content. As of 2021, I also write blog posts in collaboration with a marketing agency. My own monthly blog aims to inspire and help anyone interested in languages and business.